Josh Elliott Announces Departure From CBSN Anchor Chair

By A.J. Katz 

At 1 p.m. ET, CBSN lead daytime anchor Josh Elliott announced live on the streaming network that he will be leaving the CBSN daytime anchor’s chair.

He is not yet leaving the network. A CBS News spokesperson tells TVNewser: “Josh is going to be taking field assignments and reporting long form pieces as well. He will appear across CBS News programs, including CBSN.”

The production team produced a brief montage of Elliott’s interviews before he signed off.

“It has been by any measure a great stay here at CBSN. My last day in that chair in any regular capacity, although knowing how things work around here, I may see you again on Monday morning. I just wanted to take a quick second to thank first of all of you who watch us, welcome us into your homes and your workspaces.”

I also want to say this for posterity’s sake: A free and objective press has never been more important in this country’s history, and to be a part of it is an honor and a privlege. And to be a part of the team here at CBSN has been a remarkable year’s time. But really, I’m here in the control room because I want to thank everyone here, who you don’t get a chance to see. The real people who do the real work. These are the people who give you everything that we have to give you each and every day. I’m just the guy who gets my face spackled and somehow puts verbs after subjects before objects, we hope.

Elliott joined CBS News’s streaming news network in March 2016.  Elliott joined CBS from NBC where he’d spent 20 months. Before that, Elliott was news anchor at Good Morning America.