Josh Earnest Hopes Trump Respects All News Outlets

By A.J. Katz 

Outgoing White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was Brian Stelter‘s guest on Reliable Sources Sunday. The two talked about press accessibility and how the incoming administration has hinted that they will be making some changes.

“I think as an American, I am concerned about this,” said Earnest in an interview which took place in the press briefing room. “The interaction that takes place in here on a daily basis is one that’s good for our democracy and is instrumental to holding people in power accountable for their actions, accountable for their statements, and accountable for their promises.”

He added that change might not necessarily be a bad thing.


“What’s worth protecting in this room is this symbolic accountability and transparency that’s demanded here. But that doesn’t mean that nothing should change. It’s important to acknowledge that we aren’t just trying to protect tradition for tradition’s sake, that doing something because that’s the way we have always done it is not a good reason to keep doing it, but a reason to observe these practices is because of how critical the exchanges that take place here everyday are to the success of our democracy, and the success of a free and independent media holding those in power accountable.”

How has Earnest dealt with outlets like Breitbart and Fox News? Watch the full interview below: