Jorge Ramos Offers High Praise of Fox News’ Debate Team

By Brian Flood 

Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos was a guest on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter. Ramos discussed a variety of topics, including how Fox News handled last week’s debate. Stelter asked Ramos to evaluate the FNC co-moderators Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace.

I thought that Fox News, that they were going to do exactly the same thing that they have been doing for many years, which is being sympathetic to Republicans, protecting them, defending them.

And what I found were three real journalists asking tough questions, not open-ended questions, no softballs. And I was pleasantly surprised. I thought they did a fantastic job. And, as a matter of fact, if we can choose winners for this debate, it would be the three moderators from Fox News.

I would never expect myself to say something like that, but they did a fantastic job. That’s what we want as journalists. You want to ask tough questions. And, sometimes, you have to take a stand as a journalist. And they did take a stand.

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