Jonathan Klein, “Relentlessly Nonsensical;” Roger Ailes, “Psyops Genius”

By Brian 

A must-read Friday column from Tim Goodman:

 These must be great days to work at Fox News. Not only does the 24-hour cable channel beat rival CNN like a sick, sad mule, but Roger Ailes is so deep in the heads of CNN’s managers that every time they stumble over themselves in chaos — which is often — the chairman of Fox News looks like some kind of psyops genius.

If Ailes — boo! — isn’t haunting the halls of CNN and driving CNN President Jonathan Klein batty with paranoia, then how else to explain Klein’s relentlessly nonsensical decisions, which are driving CNN into the ground? What person rooted in reality looks at CNN and thinks, “Now there’s a network on the rise”?

Well, apparently there’s one person — Klein.

If you watch CNN or Headline News with any regularity, then you know it won’t be long before the Next Big Blunder. Perhaps that news crawl at the bottom of the screen will read: “We’re Out of Ideas — Try MSNBC.”

Honestly, it’s exhausting trying to figure out what in the world the game plan is at CNN. The current best guess: “Wait for trouble. Send Anderson Cooper right to it. Roll camera.”

That’s not a strategy. That’s a crutch.

And that’s just the beginning…