Jon Stewart Doesn’t Do Much for FOX News Sunday Ratings

By Chris Ariens 

The Chris Wallace – Jon Stewart back and forth continues this morning.

Wallace was doing his weekly chat on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show talking about how the Fox News Sunday interview has been perceived, depending on what you read.

First, to bring you up to speed:

  • Sunday: Stewart goes on FOX News Sunday
  • Monday: Stewart says Fox cut out “the take-away moment of the interview”
  • Tuesday: Politifact shoots down a Stewart claim that Fox News viewers are “the most consistently misinformed media viewers.”
  • Tuesday night: Stewart apologizes: “Ultimately PolitiFact declared my statement false. I defer to their judgment and I apologize for my error.”
  • Today: Wallace on Fox News Radio: “If you looked at left wing blogs, he just wiped the floor with me. If you look at right wing blogs I just wiped the floor with him. I thought it was a fairly interesting exchange of views. And some points I thought I kind of stuck to him and at a couple he probably stuck it to me.”

Wallace will revisit the “misinformed” comment this Sunday on his show. As for the ratings, Stewart didn’t do much. FOX News Sunday was down in total viewers week-to-week, but did see a boost in younger viewers, having its best performance in the A25-54 demo in 7 weeks.

And moving on from all this, Stewart already has a new headache to deal with.