When Nothing is Left on the Cutting Room Floor

By Chris Ariens 

Last night at the top of his show, Jon Stewart talked about his interview with Chris Wallace on “FOX News Sunday,” specifically a portion that was left out of the TV version of the interview. “The unedited version of the show had, what I thought, was the take-away moment of the interview, where Chris Wallace basically gives away the game,” said Stewart before running a clip that didn’t make air. Here’s Stewart from last night:

And here’s the 24-minute unedited version of the Stewart-Wallace discussion on FoxNews.com.

But that’s the beauty of the way the business is today. You can do a 30-minute interview and get it down to the 12 or 13 minutes that you and your producers decide is best, and put the rest online. Just as Stewart did when Fox News’s Bret Baier went on “The Daily Show” in March. After the jump, the unedited version which includes Stewart saying of Fox News, “I understand there’s a hard news part of it, that has integrity and really talented individuals.”

“You don’t often talk about that side,” Baier shot back, to which Stewart joked, “It’s not that funny.”