Jon Stewart Asks News Media: ‘Seriously, Guys, What Are We Doing Here?’

By Mark Joyella 

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart noted Wednesday night that the campaign of Hillary Clinton is just two days old, and it’s already featured two days of over-the-top ridiculous media coverage, including surveillance camera video of Secretary Clinton’s Chipotle lunch, and, then, “Tuesday’s ‘oh my God, oh my God, that’s her car!'” That, a story that involved actual paid reporters running after something called “the Scooby van.”

As Stewart put it, “there are a lot of good reasons to chase a van. If the van was the Good Humor truck–and you were five.”

Also getting “Seriously Guys, What Are We Doing Here” treatment is NBC’s “Today,” which opened the 7 a.m. hour with video of the shooting of Walter Scott. “It’s 7 a.m., I’m making oatmeal, you open the “Today” show with ‘Good Morning,’ and the video of an actual murder?”


Stewart said 24-hour cable news ends up, in many cases, shifting “these devastating videos into screensaver mode.”