“Jon Klein Should Worry More About The Natural Disaster He’s Created At CNN”

By Brian 

Earlier today, CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein told TVNewser that Hurricane Dennis is demonstrating vividly that Fox News is “not a news organization:” “They’re just so far outclassed in an event like this,” he said. Tonight, a Fox News spokesperson responded:

“Jon Klein should worry more about the natural disaster he’s created at CNN considering FNC has outrated them on every international news event since he took over. Between bloviating to the media about flooding the zone during the tsunami and gleefully passing out hagen-daz bars during a terrorist attack, it’s no wonder morale is at an all time low and the network continues to suffer dismally under his leadership.

Last time we checked, Jon Klein’s ‘news organization’ was having Rick Sanchez strap a shock belt around himself to demonstrate ‘survival techniques’ — what a fitting metaphor for CNN…”