John Stossel: ‘I Have Lung Cancer’

By Mark Joyella 

Fox News and Fox Business anchor John Stossel has revealed that he is being treated for lung cancer. “I write this from the hospital. Seems I have lung cancer,” Stossel writes at “My doctors tell me my growth was caught early and I’ll be fine.”

Stossel writes about having a fifth of his lung removed in surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. He has “excellent medical care,” he says, but “as a consumer reporter, I have to say, the hospital’s customer service stinks.”

Doctors keep me waiting for hours, and no one bothers to call or email to say, “I’m running late.” Few doctors give out their email address. Patients can’t communicate using modern technology.


I get X-rays, EKG tests, echocardiograms, blood tests. Are all needed? I doubt it. But no one discusses that with me or mentions the cost. Why would they? The patient rarely pays directly. Government or insurance companies pay.

We’re told Stossel will talk about his column–and his treatment–on an upcoming episode of FBN’s Stossel.