John Stossel: Fox Business Network’s ‘Anxious, Insecure’ Star

By Alex Weprin 

Fox Business Network’s John Stossel gets a quick profile in New York magazine today. The libertarian host of “Stossel” talks a little bit about his upbringing and career, including how he still isn’t quite comfortable when he is live and on-camera.

“I grew up with a stutter and still don’t feel completely comfortable in live settings,” he says. “I’ve made my living editing, reediting, and figuring where to put the perfect punch line; here at Fox you have people who have been on radio talking for 8,000 years.”

Stossel also talks about the decision last month by the Department of Labor to crack down on unpaid interns. He tells the magazine “I built my career on unpaid interns! My staff is almost all former interns. What ever happened to two adults entering an agreement together?”

And then of course there was the comedy/news bit he did. Taking advantage of his trademark mustache to become… officer Stossel.

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Stossel is ushered onto the set and watches a clip where he’s dressed up as a cop, complete with billy club and reflective sunglasses. “I’ll tell you where your kids can go to school,” he intones onscreen. “I’m the airline police, the baseball police. Even the intern police.” It goes well, and Stossel exhales as he walks off the set. “I’m glad that’s over.”

Check out the clip here (h/t Business Insider)