John Seigenthaler Signs Off Nightly News: “Finally, We’ve Got Our Weekends Back”

By Brian 

Unfortunately it wasn’t an April Fools joke. At the end of Sunday’s NBC Nightly News, John Seigenthaler announced that he is leaving the anchor desk. It came as a shock to viewers:

  “This is my last broadcast on NBC Nightly News. It’s been my privilege to be associated with this news organization for the last 11 years, so a few thank you’s are in order.

First, thanks to my colleagues, my friends in New York and around the world for their inspiration and support. A special thanks to you the viewers for your loyalty to this network and in particular this broadcast. And thanks to my dear family — finally, we’ve got our weekends back.

I’m John Seigenthaler, reporting from New York. For all of us at NBC News, good night.