John Roberts: American Morning Likely To Be “A Little Looser”

By Alissa Krinsky 

With April 16 marking his one-year anniversary as co-anchor of CNN’s American Morning, John Roberts is profiled by TV Guide.

Asked by writer Stephen Battaglio about what he expects when AM gets a new executive producer, Roberts says, “We’ll take the opportunity to just tweak around the edges of the show. The show as it is right now is fairly heavily scripted. I think what we’re going to do going forward we’ll try to pare back the amount of scripting that we’ve got and introduce a little more of an ad lib aspect to it, which will make the show a little looser, a little more accessible…”

Battaglio also asks about AM not being “as breezy as the other morning shows”. To that, Roberts responds, “We find our viewers turn out to be after real actual news rather than lighter information. They don’t come to us to learn how to cook a hamburger or the latest celebrity gossip. It’s a little more business-like.”