John Gibson To Jack Cafferty: “Why Don’t You Just Shut Up?”

By Brian 

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John Gibson bashed CNN and targeted Larry King and Jack Cafferty on his radio show yesterday afternoon. (Johnny Dollar has the audio.) Here are some highlights:

“Over there on CNN, it wasn’t enough to attack Cheney, they had to attack us!

The typical political venue for those who somebody who wants to go and give their side of the story and not be challenged in the least is Larry King. Cheney did not avail himself of that venue. He went to Brit Hume. Now, whatever you think about Fox, Brit’s no chump…”

Gibson said Hume got Cheney “in trouble” with his question about Scooter Libby and intelligence powers.

“…And yet we have you know, people, has-beens on other networks, referring to the F-word network. What? I mean, people have gone around the bend.”

After playing the “Bonnie interviewing Clyde” clip, Gibson yelled:

“Why don’t you just shut up? What are you losing, 2 to 1 at 5 o clock? I know that: it’s 2 to 1. 2 to 1 at 5 o clock, Cafferty, and you call that the F-word network?”

Then Gibson took aim at King again: “That’s the usual venue for people who want the toothless interview. He leaves his damn teeth in a glass of water by the microphone! He gums ’em to death! Geez. These people are off the charts!”