John Gibson Flexes His Ratings Muscles

By Brian 

John Gibson offered viewers an admittedly self-serving “My Word” on The Big Story Wednesday evening. He declared:

You made history Tuesday.

That was when the ratings book for the month of February closed and the final results were posted.

The viewers of “The Big Story” made it the sixth highest ranked show in cable news.

O’Reilly, Brit, Shep, Sean and Alan, and Greta are ahead of “The Big Story.” Everybody else is behind.

Larry King is behind. He’s No. 10. Nine FOX News programs are ahead of him.”

And then here comes the shot at MSNBC:

“At that place I used to work — the peacock-affiliated network — you have to go down to No. 21 to find their highest-ranking show. This program draws two-and-a-half times the viewers.”