Here’s Why CBS’ John Dickerson Sent Coffee Over to Morning Joe

By Mark Joyella 

Face the Nation host John Dickerson sent coffee to the Morning Joe team this morning, a day after host Joe Scarborough trashed Dickerson’s interview Sunday with Hillary Clinton:

You see that interview? The Clinton team wrote the questions, obviously. That was stunning. It was stunning. She is asked on Face the Nation about who at the State Department — she said the State Department authorized it. Dickerson didn’t follow up with the question who at the State Department?

The coffee–both regular and decaf–arrived on set at 8:30 and prompted a short discussion of both Dickerson (“the nicest guy”) and the comments from Monday’s show. “I think we were a little rough on John yesterday,” said Scarborough. “We owe him an apology.”


Scarborough did tweet out his thoughts Monday afternoon, explaining that an excess of coffee and a shortage of sleep, combined with a three-hour live show, sometimes resulted in his saying things he otherwise wouldn’t. He also praised Dickerson:

Mika Brzezinski posed for an apologetic photo via Twitter as well: