John Dickerson Digs Into Archives Ahead of CBS News’ Democratic Debate

By Mark Joyella 

CBS News political director and Face the Nation host John Dickerson won’t reveal much about the questions he’ll ask tomorrow night, but he does expect the Democratic presidential candidates to give him answers. “The first imperative is that they answer all questions directly and honestly.”

Dickerson, in Iowa for tomorrow night’s Democratic presidential debate on CBS, told CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose he expects a thorough discussion of the candidates’ positions, and he’s been busy doing his homework. “I’ve been doing interviews, reading, looking into their positions and looking back on some journalism that I’ve done over the years addressing these issues of what can we learn about candidates during debates.”

Co-moderator Nancy Cordes said the stakes are high for each of the three candidates–Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, with O’Malley hinting he may launch strong attacks on Clinton and Sanders in a bid to gain traction in the race.

TVNewser will live blog the debate–and the media reaction–tomorrow night.