Joel Hyatt: Current Adding More Former Public Officials To Lineup

By Alex Weprin 

Current TV CEO Joel Hyatt is the subject of this week’sSo What Do You Do?” He talks about the Keith Olbermann situation, and moving from a user-generated channel to a channel predicated on politics. Hyatt discusses what the channel is looking for in on-air talent, and hints that some more former elected officials may be joining the channel in some capacity soon:

We’re going to look for budding journalists, young journalists who we think are really smart with a bright future, get them on Current. We’re going to look for practitioners of public policy, like Jennifer Granholm. We’ll soon be naming others in that category, people who have actually done the hard work of public service and who are very committed to it, who understand it from the inside. They know spin when they hear it; they know BS when they hear it; they can stand up to it because they’ve been there and done that. So, we’re going to have a mixture. And really the exciting part of building what we’re building is finding really talented people who have important things to say and giving them a platform to do that.

Who do you think the talent will be? Let us know in the comments. Read the entire ‘So What Do You Do? interview here.