Joe Scarborough: Whoever Kept Encouraging Trump on Crowd Size ‘Should Be Fired Today’

By Chris Ariens 

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who’s run hot and cold in his coverage of Donald Trump over the last 18 months, was on fire today after what happened over the weekend. First, Pres. Trump’s remarks at the CIA, then Press Secretary Sean Spicer‘s appearance in the briefing room, followed by the Sunday show appearances by Trump’s top aides.

“Nobody has any — first time in the history of the White House since George Washington — that nobody inside the White House has any experience,” said Scarborough. “And we saw that tumble out on to the world stage the first day. They better get somebody in there who has been at this rodeo before or there are going to be a lot more days like this.”

“Whoever was encouraging him, goading him, to keep fighting about the size of the crowds, should be fired today for the sake of America,” Scarborough said.

To those advisers telling him to restrain, we thank you. For those advisers that were telling him to be combative on his first day, we ask you to leave now for the sake of this country.