Joe Posnanski Nominated for Blogging Ellie

By Noah Davis 

The American Society of Magazine Editors released the nominations for the 2010 Digital Ellies, and one of sports media’s best is among the finalists.

The blog of Sport’s Illustrated‘s Joe Posnanski was nominated in the “Blogging” category. His competition: IEEE Spectrum’s Automation, Glenn Greenwald’s Blog on Salon, Sunset’s One-Block Diet, and Tablet’s The Scroll.


Soon after Joe Poz took the SI gig, we asked him where his blogging would fit into his new job responsibilities.

“We’re all waiting for the job to kind of evolve. I definitely am very involved in the Web and very involved with the magazine. Trying to figure out scheduling and how all that’s going to work is something we’re still in the process of doing, but it looks like I’m going to be doing quite a bit of column writing for the magazine’s front-of-book Scorecard section. I’m still going to be writing a lot for the Web site, whether it’s something they pick up from my blog or something I do specifically for them. We’ve already planned several fairly big pieces for the magazine. It’s definitely going to be across the board — which is exactly what I want. What makes Sports Illustrated so great to me is that there are so many different outlets, so many different formats for me to write for them.”

We’d say he figured it out. Good luck, Joe.

(H/t Erik Malinowski, who edits’s brilliant sports blog, Playbook.)