Joe Namath, Braylon Edwards Exchange Verbal Blows

By Noah Davis 

Joe Namath’s Sirius XM show debuts September 17, but the outspoken quarterback is already stirring the mix at his former team.

Broadway Joe called out New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards for his inability to catch.

He “can’t catch the ball … or rarely does,” Namath said. “He has as many drops as he does catches,”

While that’s not exactly true, a 2009 study found the wide receiver drops one ball for every 3.6 he catches, more than double the next worst receiver. In short, Edwards’ hands are highly questionable. (There’s a Yahoo question dedicated to wondering how many balls he’ll drop.)

What’s fascinating was the media’s response to Edwards’ reply.

The words of the wide receiver:

“That’s his mouth, his words. I really don’t think Mr. Namath knows me. I’m sure he’s never followed me. He’s a Jet guy, and I was in Cleveland for five years, and I had one bad season. I’m not going to get into a back-and-forth with Mr. Namath,” he said. “Too much respect. All I can say is, I don’t think he really knows me. Tell him next time he’s here, stop by my locker and he can tell me that.”

The headlines, please:

Braylon responds to Namath rip (

After tongue-lashing by Joe Namath, Braylon Edwards declines to engage Hall of Famer (USA Today)

Jets’ Edwards fires back at Namath (New York Post)

Gotta love the Post, right?