Joe & Mika Meet With Trump During Weekend of Chaos Over Executive Order

By Chris Ariens 

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski spent the weekend in Washington, D.C. meeting with, among others, the President of the United States. Scarborough’s takeaway from his meeting with Pres. Trump was clear: “You’ve got a very young person in the White House on a power trip thinking that you can just write executive orders and tell your cabinet agencies to go to hell.” Scarborough was talking about Stephen Miller who has become the fall guy in the fallout of the order barring Muslims from 7 nations to enter the U.S. which went into chaotic effect Saturday. Scarborough tweeted this about Miller a short time ago:

Joe and Mika also met with Democratic senators while in D.C. Here’s his takeaway from them:

“I expected them to be far angrier in person. I expected them to be saying, ‘we are going to get Trump on…’ No. They said ‘we have no doubt that the majority of America probably supports the [travel ban executive order] and we have to figure out how to get our message to America to explain why these things that help get Donald Trump elected were wrong. Their reaction was far different than I expected.”

As for how those meetings came to be: “We don’t usually do working weekends,” said Scarborough. “We are usually at home with our kids, but they were scattered. So we decided to come [to Washington, D.C.]. There was shock, as you know, across the city Friday night.” WATCH: