Joe and Mika Getting Married in the Spring

By Chris Ariens 

Co-hosts for nearly 10 years, and engaged for the last few months, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski plan to marry in the spring.

Scarborough and Brzezinski talked about their upcoming nuptials last night during an event for Harvard’s Kennedy School Institute of Politics. They are fellows at the institute. Scarborough said they will likely marry “in Nantucket in the spring. But we don’t know because we’ve got to make sure that our kids are okay with it.” Brzezinski has two daughters and Scarborough has four children.

Scarborough also talked about his decision, announced on Tuesday’s Late Show, that he’s leaving the GOP. According to The Hill, Scarborough said, “I think maybe the last straw for me actually wasn’t Russia, it was the healthcare bill that kicks 25 million people off of their health insurance, and then they turn around and give tax cuts to the richest one percent of America.


“I think the healthcare bill is heartless,” he said.