Jim Romenesko Unmasks the Fox News PR Machine

By Chris Ariens 

Not long after he left Poynter to start his own site, Jim Romenesko put out a Tweet asking those who cover Fox News to send him their thoughts of working with the Fox News media relations team, specifically Irena Briganti, SVP of the group.

Reporters responded, and this afternoon Romenesko published his piece.

The New York TimesDavid Carr weighed in calling Briganti, “The communications equivalent of a hockey goon,” while former New York Post Page Six writer Paula Froelich calls Briganti, “amazing… one of the few pr types in that position who do the job with accurate efficiency.”

Reporters opened up about the “snarky statements” that come with a story about a rival network or former employee. And “the blacklist,” when a reporter does something to offend Fox News and the calls, pitches and any other correspondence ceases. I know of this. I’ve been on it for several-month stints, at least twice. I’m off it now, I believe. I’ve also gotten the cold shoulder — or more — from other networks when they didn’t like what I wrote.

Having written TVNewser for the last 4 and a half years, I can relate to many of the anecdotes and agree with most of the opinions. And while dealing with Irena and company can lead an unnecessary amount of agony — for all involved — I can say they’ve always made themselves available and have always been responsive, always from the aggressive Fox News frame of reference — but what other way would it be?