Jim Cramer, “Extremely Flapped”

By Brian 

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Kudos to the creative editor who whipped up this headline: “Frightfully funny CNBC showman knocks your stocks off,” in The Oregonian, dissects Jim Cramer‘s CNBC show. Mad Money is “one of the most bizarre, action-packed hours of TV on any cable news channel,” Peter Ames Carlin writes — and it’s “alarmingly funny,” too.

More: “Most of this has to do with Cramer himself. Stocky, balding, goateed and perpetually red in the face, Cramer appears in rolled-up shirtsleeves, the veins on his neck bulging over his tightly-knotted tie. If other TV hosts strive for unflappability, Cramer specializes in being extremely flapped pretty much all of the time.”

My favorite line: “Even when I have no idea what Cramer’s screaming about, it’s strangely invigorating to hear him do it.” That’s the sentence that puts a smile on Mark Hoffman‘s face…