Jim Cramer Can’t Wait For Next Week’s “Mad Money” Studio Audience

By Brian 

CNBC rising star Jim Cramer will host “Mad Money” before a live studio audience for the first time on Wednesday, July 20. “The live studio audience will get in on the action and go face to face with Jim during the rapid fire ‘Lightening Round,'” today’s press release says. “For this special event, Jim will also be joined by guest New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.”

“I have done a couple of live lightening rounds, including one in Santa Fe last week while on vacation, and the energy and excitement I get from the crowd is like oxygen to me,” Cramer told TVNewser today. “It just energizes me beyond belief. I love to talk stocks with people more than anything else in the world — I know, a little nutty — and this will be the opportunity writ large! I can’t wait!!!”

> Also: Michael Starr notes: Cramer “will also introduce a new segment, ‘Am I Nuts?’ — offering people the opportunity to talk to ‘Dr.’ Cramer about the health of their stock picks (he’ll don a lab coat for the segment).”