Jesse Watters Will Be Invited to Donald Trump’s First State Dinner

By Chris Ariens 

Jesse Watters just got an invite to Pres. Donald Trump‘s first state dinner.

Watters, who interviewed the GOP front-runner before the GOP debate and Iowa Caucus, asked about important policy issues like Trump’s wife, what he eats for breakfast and his golf game.

Asked who might be invited to his first White House dinner, Trump said, “Probably not the Chinese to the first dinner. Probably not [Mexico]. We won’t invite too many of the countries that are ripping us off of which there are many. But you’ll certainly be there.”


As for whether there will be nepotism in a Trump administration: “In terms of competence we can’t do any better, but I don’t think so,” Trump said. “Somehow, I may take heat and actually I shouldn’t take heat. Can you imagine Ivanka as Secretary of something? Believe me, they would do well. But probably not.”

And asked about how he met his wife Melania, Trump said, “Well, I was at a party and I saw this very beautiful woman and I said. ‘boy would I like to get that phone number’ and it wasn’t easy, believe me. It took me about five weeks actually. It was not a quickie.”

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