Jennings: Morning Newspaper Items

By Brian 

> NYT: “The disclosure of a serious health condition that will cause him to miss substantial amounts of time on the air creates the prospect of further change – even if temporary – at ABC, in what had been the most stable area of network television, the evening newscast.”

> “It’s a shocker,” FNC’s Brit Hume, a former ABC staffer, tells the Washington Times. “If this cancer can be beaten, Peter will beat it. He’s probably already peppered the doctors with questions.”

> The KRT wire says Jennings was “noticeably thinner and with a hoarse voice” on Tuesday.

> Jennings succeeded Frank Reynolds, who died from cancer in 1983. He was a heavy smoker. (More)

> “Jennings had told CNN’s Larry King in a 1994 interview that he used to smoke ‘like a chimney,'” the Houston Chronicle notes.