Jay Leno goes there about Chris Hansen

By Chris Ariens 

Fourth hour of the “Today” show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were on the “Tonight Show” Friday night. They talked about a bunch of things: taking the show to Montreal next week, the cut-up nature of the show, and, inexplicably, skinny dipping. Kotb admitted she’d partaken in the past, when she worked in local news in Florida, but said it was dark outside and that no one would see. Leno jumped in: “You didn’t think anybody would see? Yeah, you and Chris Hansen… nobody will know… no one has a cell phone camera… you didn’t think you might get caught?”

Other than a gasp, Hoda and Kathie Lee went silent. Leno was referring to their NBC News colleague, Chris Hansen who is at the center of an ongoing National Enquirer story involving his personal life. TVSpy has been following the story of Hansen and Kristyn Caddell a reporter at West Palm Beach NBC affiliate WPTV.

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