Jasper Schuringa Continues to Tell his Story

By Chris Ariens 

We’re less than four days away from 2010 and one would think that in this day and age there would be more pictures — video even — of the chaos on board Northwest Airlines flight 253 on Friday, especially when you consider there were 278 people on board.

On Saturday, CNN paid a licensing fee for a grainy cell phone image snapped by hero passenger Jasper Schuringa. The network also got an 8-minute interview with the Dutch man.

A second image [above] turned up this morning on “Good Morning America,” also from Schuringa. An ABC News spokesperson tells TVNewser the network paid a “reasonable licensing fee” for 48-hour usage of the image, expiring today. ABC also got two interviews with Schuringa, on GMA Sunday and again this morning. Sources told TVNewser on Saturday the bidding was reaching $10,000.


Both images show Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab as he was being brought into custody for trying to take down the Airbus A330 on Christmas Day as it approached the Detroit airport. Schuringa is being hailed a hero for leaping into action to subdue Abdulmutallab. He has burns on his hands to show for it. Schuringa, who is a video producer and director in Amsterdam, surely knows the value of his images and his story.