Jason Whitlock Speaks. For Three Hours.

By Noah Davis 

What are you doing at 4 p.m. EST this afternoon? Cancel it.

Jason Whitlock, the extremely opinionated sports columnist for The Kansas City Star, will appear on What’s Wright with Nick Wright to explain why he quit his job after 16 years. He’s been penning columns at FoxSports.com for the past year and a half and rumors have it that he’ll join the site full time. (As always, Deadspin has more on the saga.)

But back to the matter at hand: the radio show. To land Whitlock, Wright and 610 am had to agree to the writer’s demands.

“This is what he wants: one hour where he gets to talk without commercial interruptions, one hour where I interview him, one hour where we take phone calls, he wants it live on TV, and we have to provide Gates to cater it, with a maximum tab of $300,” the host said.

Wright found these demands reasonable – 810 am, the rival station where Whitlock previously hosted a program, wouldn’t meet his absurd requirements – and landed the interview. Welcome to Train Wreck City, Mr. Wright.

Listen here. This is appointment radio, people (if there still is such a thing).