Janice Dean: Using a Frog to Fight Fear of Tornadoes

By Mark Joyella Comment

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean says teaching kids about how tornadoes work can take some of the fear away, especially for kids who may have seen stories Monday about tornadoes that tore through parts of Oklahoma, killing at least one person.

Dean, who has written four children’s books about a frog weather forecaster, focused on tornadoes in the most recent, Freddy the Frogcaster and the Terrible Tornado. “You can tap into educating (kids) as to why things happen, that in turn will take some of the scare out of a potentially scary weather situation,” she said in an interview this week.

Dean visited with school kids in tornado alley last week, “they knew more about tornadoes that I did, but they were excited to talk to me about it.”

In the Fox News “In the Zone” interview, Dean also talked about her first days at the network, and how working on Shepard Smith‘s afternoon show, Studio B, resulted in a nickname that’s stuck for years. “(Smith) said, ‘thanks, Janice Dean, Weather Machine’…who knew that one day it would be on the front of a children’s book series.”