Jane Skinner Leaving Fox News

By Alex Weprin 

Fox News Channel dayside anchor Jane Skinner announced that she is leaving the network. Skinner made the announcement at the end of “Happening Now,” just before 1 p.m.

“This is my last day on the air at Fox. It’s been a thrill to have been a part of the incredible success of this place over the past 12 years that I’ve been here,” Skinner told viewers. “My life in the 12 years I have been here has changed significantly in wonderful ways and they’ve created a lot of new responsibilities. I added a husband [Roger Goodell] who has in the last couple of years become the NFL commissioner, and has a job even busier than mine. I have twin daughters, so to do justice to this new life I’ve decided to take a break from the business.”

Skinner’s co-anchor, Jon Scott, also weighed in on her departure:

“We are going to miss you like oxygen. I had very little heads up and I thought it was going to keep me from getting all emotional but it didn’t,” Scott told Skinner. “I want to say your girls and your husband are very lucky that you’re making a decision like this because there aren’t many women in this business who would do what you’re doing and I really admire you.”

Update: Johnny Dollar has the video.