Jake Tapper on Pres. Obama’s Recent Trip, Foreign Press

By SteveK 

ABC News senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper joined us on the six-month anniversary of the mediabistro.com Morning Media Menu podcast, a couple days after returning from covering Pres. Obama’s trip overseas. “President Bush did say a lot of the same things when he went to Cairo a year before,” said Tapper, but “President Obama trying to restart the conversation was interesting.”

Tapper weighed in on Chuck Todd’s new book about the Obama administration. “Anything I learn I’m going to share with the readers of my blog and the viewers of ABC News as soon as I can share them, I’m not saving anything for a book, so I don’t know how that works,” he said. “It’s complicated to have a day job reporting for a media organization and also be working on a book that’s not going to be coming out for years…Chuck is a really smart guy, I’m sure he’ll figure out a way to do this, but for me that would seem a very, very difficult task.”

Tapper has been a current press corps a favorite of some conservatives. “I would think that if John McCain had won, that probably a lot of the people who are complimenting me now would not be complimenting me now,” he said. “I would hope that, anyway.”

Also discussed: How the foreign press has covered Pres. Obama, questions he still hasn’t gotten the answers to from the White House and his thoughts on Twitter interaction.

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