Jackson’s Mom Criticizes 2 ‘Wicked’ Media Women: Nancy Grace & Diane Dimond?

By Brian 

New MSNBC anchor Rita Cosby took over Scarborough Country on Wednesday to air an extended version of her ‘Today’ interview with Michael Jackson’s mom. She hosted the show from L.A. and spoke to Atty. Tom Mesereau in between the interview clips (some of which were exclusive to MSNBC). Here’s an interesting exchange:

  COSBY: Were you surprised that even some of the polls, there’s a USA Today poll that said that nearly half of those surveyed did not agree with the verdict. Were you surprised by that?

JACKSON: No, I know how America is and I know how they think. Most of that is from the media because if they had listened to the case, if they had been in court…but the media have a way of swaying the public. The media have a way of making people think things are happening that are not happening. And there are two wicked women out there that have been doing this. And they know who they are.

Is she referring to Nancy Grace and Diane Dimond? Sounds like it. Here’s the transcript…