Jacko Trial: Jesse Jackson Calls Dan Abram’s MSNBC Report “Psychological Warfare”

By Brian 

On Tuesday’ edition of The Abrams Report on MSNBC, Dan Abrams and NBC analyst Jim Thomas “appeared at the main jail in Santa Barbara,” and “Thomas showed Abrams the outside of the jail and talked about what would happen if Jackson is convicted and taken there. Pool video footage of the inside of the jail was shown,” the AP reports. It was an MSNBC exclusive, and a compelling report.

On Wednesday, Jesse Jackson attacked the program: “One might call it a kind of psychological warfare,” he said. “With an unsequestered jury, they are saying here is where he will stay.

You can watch the video on MSNBC.com. Kudos to MSNBC for posting about the controversy on its blog: “What do you think of the reverend’s opinion?,” Sidebar asked…