Jacko Not Guilty: Past Predictions

By Brian 

Salon lets the transcripts speak for themselves:

Bill O’Reilly: “Would you tell both sides of the story for Hitler? I mean, would you say, ‘Oh gee, he had a bad childhood…’? Come on. A monster!”

–“The O’Reilly Factor,” Fox News, Nov. 19, 2003

Joe Scarborough: “First of all, I think Michael Jackson did it. I think the guy is guilty…I just — every day, I wonder, can people look at this guy and be fair? I mean, you know Michael Jackson. Does he get even creepier the closer you get to him?”

–“Scarborough Country,” MSNBC, March 15, 2005

Nancy Grace: “But I’m telling you, this boy, two-thirds of this can be corroborated by other people. So why would he lie about the molestation part? It is in graphic detail. It just seems true…I think Michael Jackson walks. And I think it’s a disgrace. He’s guilty.”

–“Larry King Live,” CNN, Feb. 21, 2003