Jacko Not Guilty: “I’m Having A Little Crow Sandwich,” CNN’s Nancy Grace Says

By Brian 

Nancy Grace believes Tom Sneddon did the right and honorable thing by prosecuting the Michael Jackson case.

“I mean, do you turn away from a difficult case? No,” she said on Monday’s must-see Nancy Grace. “You go in there, you try the case. You take your lumps, and maybe you lose.”

The quote seemed to apply to Grace, too. “I’m having a little crow sandwich on the set tonight, and it’s not going to taste good,” she said during the show. I bet Monday’s ratings will be high: As Andrew Sullivan blogged, “I’m merely looking forward to watching Nancy Grace tonight, and to see that smug, self-righteous sneer get wiped off her face.”

Mr. Sun created the clown photo as part of this blog entry: “How can CNN sleep at night? She mocks the jurors, interrupts the foreman live, and completely abandons any pretense of impartiality.” Quotes from tonight’s HLN show are after the jump…

> “It was a 13-year-old Hispanic boy who took on Michael Jackson in court. And tonight, it’s not guilty, by reason of celebrity.”

> As psychoanalyst Bethany Marshall stated, so many, many people, not jubilant tonight, feeling like, if you want to win in an American courtroom, you’ve got to have a deep pocket, and you have to be fighting a little boy.” When Grace introduced Marshall at the top of the show, she remarked that she needed a shrink…

> Grace asked the jury foreman: “Mr. Rodriguez? Can I ask you a question? What do you think a grown man up in his 40s is doing sleeping with one little boy after the next, all by himself, locked up in his bedroom, every night? That doesn’t bother you? It bothers me.”

Here’s the rest of the transcript…