Jacko Not Guilty: Final Notes & Quotes

By Brian 

> Update: 10:16am: Novelist Stephen King writes in Entertainment Weekly: “The cable-news buzzards (Nancy Grace, Larry King, Mercedes Colwin, and Pat Lalama of Celebrity Justice to name just a few of the plumper ones) were all over it. Not-guilty roadkill isn’t quite as tasty — or as bloody — as guilty roadkill, but it’ll do.” (Via Romenesko)

> “Some big TV names had a lot at stake” in the Michael Jackson trial verdict, David Bauder writes.

> Lloyd Grove has Tom Brokaw‘s verdict: “Thank God it’s over! It’s consumed too much of our attention.”

> Greta Van Susteren “felt like a pet in a petting zoo” as she waited in the penned in area with the media to get into the courtroom.

> Tim Rutten: “If jurors who conscientiously fulfill their oath — as Jackson’s did — then are subjected to contempt and abuse for contradicting the self-interested sentiments of an electronic mob, then who among us is safe?”