Jacko Not Guilty: Big Primetime Interviews

By Brian 

It wasn’t the president, but MSNBC’s Rita Cosby scored another big name on her second night: Jackson prosecutor Tom Sneddon. Here’s the press release. Paula Zahn had an interview with Sneddon two hours earlier, but Cosby seemed to push Sneddon harder:

 COSBY: Everybody makes mistakes. What mistakes did you make?

SNEDDON: Maybe having this interview.

COSBY: Other than that?

SNEDDON: I didn’t make any mistakes.

COSBY: None?

SNEDDON: You’re talking about the case.

COSBY: None?

SNEDDON: Well, maybe picking 12 different jurors, I don’t know.

> Also: An e-mailer says Hannity & Colmes promised an “exclusive” interview with Sneddon. How would it have been exclusive?

> Update: 11:09am: The H&C interview didn’t work out, so FNC producers asked Sneddon if he would stick around to talk to Greta Van Susteren. “He said that he did not want to do an interview with me — and that he thought I had not been fair,” she blogs. “I then spoke to him through my IFB after the first segment break in our show to convince him to do our show. He was gracious and agreed to do the show.”

> And: Larry King had a “primetime exclusive” with defense lawyer Thomas Mesereau. Here’s the transcript. Mesereau said he likes the idea of cameras in courtrooms, but: “I think given the media’s repeated attempts to make a circus-liken environment out of criminal trials, I’m beginning to change my opinion of that, and maybe they don’t belong in courtrooms.”