Jackie Levin To Handle Books For ‘Today’

By Brian 

“I am very pleased to announce that Jackie Levin from Dateline will now assume official responsibility for books on Today in her role as senior publishing producer, NBC News,” Jim Bell told staffers in a memo last night. “She will continue to work for Dateline and will report to David Corvo and me.” Click continued for her bio.

Bell continued: “Putting timely and smart books on the air is an important part of Today’s history and will continue to be so. Just in the past year, we’ve had authors like Tom Wolfe, Joan Didion, Philip Roth & David McCullough, as well as the books of Sharon Rocha, Michael Schiavo, James Risen and many, many others on our show. Congratulations and welcome to Jackie.”

“Jackie has worked in news since she graduated from college in 1988 and has been at Dateline for nearly 12 years. Before that she worked for ABC News for almost 6 years, including GMA & Primetime. She has vast experience and knowledge of the literary world, having worked on books since 1989. On a personal note, she has 2 children and lives in Manhattan with her husband who is an attorney.”