Jack Cafferty Is “Not Some Hair-Sprayed, Programmed Anchorette,” That’s For Sure

By Brian 

“To watch Jack Cafferty in action on CNN is to see a 1930s celluloid character fitted improbably but neatly into the 21st-century TV news model,” the AP’s Lynn Elber writes in a great profile of The Situation Room commentator.

Cafferty says “he considers himself an equal opportunity detractor, one not wedded to an ideology. ‘I tend to be independent. I went from cheering George Bush on to thinking he’s one of the great failures to ever occupy the White House.'”

He says he would love a program of his own “but wouldn’t say whether he’s in discussions with CNN management.”

> Also: Here’s the best quote from Cafferty: “I’m not some hair-sprayed, programmed anchorette who’s wound up for an hour, wheeled into the desk and sat there and the computer turns me on and off and the script comes out like it’s supposed to.”