Jack Black Asks George Stephanopoulos to Choose: Clinton or Sanders?

By Mark Joyella 

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos may have decided to sit out the upcoming presidential debates after questions were raised about the anchor’s failure to disclose donations to the Clinton Foundation, but this morning on GMA, he was pressed to take sides anyway.

The actor Jack Black, who was on the show to promote an upcoming film, took advantage of something called “Interview Reverse,” (or perhaps, Reverse Interview) which seems to involve hitting a game show buzzer, and then the guest asks the anchor a question. Black made it very awkward, very quick. “Real quick. Hillary Rodham Clinton, or Bernie Sanders?”

Stephanopoulos, who smiled and said “whoa,” was in no hurry to respond. “Simple question,” said Black. “You just have to say one of those, and then America knows the rest.”


Stephanopoulos wisely dodged the question, saying of Sanders “he’s made it a real race.”

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