It’s Tiki Time On Today

By Brian 

Tiki Barber debuts as a Today Show correspondent this morning. ( has a preview.)

He’s a major addition to Today’s family. This morning’s broadcast “will highlight his exemplary football career and also give viewers a glimpse into his personal life.” The press release says his mother, wife and brother will “talk candidly about Tiki’s childhood in Virginia, his rise to fame in the NFL, and his life at home with his wife and two sons.”

> Producer Alicia Ybarbo calls him “a regular guy who just happens to be an ex-NFL superstar…”

> “Eventually I want to be able to do anything,” Tiki says. “I want to have the credibility to talk about politics or breaking news, that’s the top end. But I understand there’s a process to get there … I’m starting at the bottom again.”