It’s Over, It’s Not Over…It’s Over

By Chris Ariens 

WaPo’s Howard Kurtz has a tick-tock on yesterday’s “she-will-concede, she-won’t-concede” reporting on the cable networks leading up to last night’s primary coverage.

The thing briefly seemed over at 11:08 yesterday morning when the Associated Press, in an “urgent” report, cited two senior Clinton officials as saying that the New York senator “will concede” in her evening speech that Obama has the delegates for the nomination.

But at 11:17, Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe called CNN to declare the report “100 percent incorrect,” insisting that “the race goes on.” Harold Ickes phoned MSNBC with the same knockdown moments later.


The cable networks will be carrying Sen. Clinton’s remarks at the AIPAC conference later this morning.