It’s On: Bill O’Reilly Books Joan Walsh After Her Harsh Criticism of Him

By SteveK 

Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly will interview editor, and frequent MSNBC guest, Joan Walsh. Here’s the backstory:

On Wednesday’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, Walsh was critical of O’Reilly and seemed to connect him to the murder of Dr. George Tiller. “When Bill O’Reilly goes on TV every night and calls Dr. Tiller a baby killer and a Nazi and a Mengele, and shows where he works, why do we put up with that?” she asked. “Why is that entertainment in our culture? It’s demonizing a private citizen for doing a lawful job? Why are people doing that? Why is that acceptable?” (She expanded on this in a blog post.)

Last night O’Reilly called Walsh “one of the most extreme” critics of him for “telling the truth about Dr. Tiller.”


He also invited Walsh on the FNC show — and she accepted. On Twitter, she asked for advice. “I plan on being calm, smart, kind and well-prepared,” said Walsh.

• O’Reilly also mentioned the museum shooting several times last night (it was not brought up on Hannity or On The Record), in one instance saying, “By the way, for you far left loons out there, here’s something very interesting. You know the guy who murdered the security guard at the Holocaust Museum, has me listed on his Website as a bad guy.”

> Update: The interview is taped, and Walsh tells us on Twitter: “He told me ‘you have blood on your hands.'”

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