It’s Official: Heather Nauert To ABC News

By Brian 

ABC has finally confirmed that former FNCer Heather Nauert is now a correspondent for ABC News. “Ms. Nauert will be based in Los Angeles as a general assignment correspondent,” a press release said. “Heather possesses invaluable skills for covering a wide range of domestic and international news events,” David Westin said in the release. “We are delighted she’s joining ABC News.” Read her bio, after the jump…

Prior to joining ABC News, Ms. Nauert reported for Fox News Channel as a New York-based correspondent. Most recently she reported for the program “Big Story with John Gibson” covering breaking news on a daily basis. Ms. Nauert produced a three-part series on the election, new military, and reconstruction in Iraq and a five-part series on the Sudan. She also covered the 2004 presidential election, January ’05 blizzard, and the growing number of Islamic groups in the Netherlands. As a correspondent for Fox News Channel from 2001-2003, Ms. Nauert reported on the aftermath of events on September 11, 2001, the 2003 black out, and the Rhode Island nightclub fire.

In 1996 Ms. Nauert was a reporter for the syndicated business program “First Business,” a weekly newscast airing in 110 markets nationwide. Ms. Nauert served as director of legislative and external affairs for Pioneer Financial Services, a mid-sized life and health insurance company in Washington, DC from 1995-1997. In 1997 she founded Pioneer Strategies, a government affairs and policy firm specializing in health care and Social Security.

Ms. Nauert graduated from Mt. Vernon College in Washington, DC with a bachelor’s degree in communications and received her master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University in 2001.