It’s Not Just the GOP Candidates Who Don’t Like The Media

By Chris Ariens 

On CBS Sunday Morning, Jim Axelrod profiled Democratic candidate for president Bernie Sanders. Sanders, a socialist, doesn’t like the corporatization of media. “You, and the punditry, and the corporate people have a view of the world which I think is very out of touch with what the American people are feeling,” Sanders told Axelrod.

Axelrod: You really don’t like us?

Sanders: No. No. It’s not a question about liking. You’re a very nice guy. What corporate media is about is very often deflecting attention away from the most significant issues facing our country and giving us entertainment all the time. I get upset that media by and large is more interested in dumb things that somebody says or how much money I’m raising. No one cares about. We got to focus on the real issues facing America.

During and after the CNBC GOP debate, many of the Republican candidates called out the media. Several campaigns even met last weekend to discuss sending a letter of demands to future debate hosts. Those demands appear to be going nowhere.