It’s a Wonderful Occupation

By Brian 

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A romantic thought from NBC’s Brian Williams, as he shares this moment from the NBC News holiday party:

“The highlight of the evening was when a veteran fellow employee came up to me and offered the nicest sentiment. She happens to be part of the control room team that gets us on and off the air each night. She said that each night, while she is counting down to exactly 6:30:00 Eastern time (the three network newscasts keep time by the U.S. atomic clock and come on at precisely the same time each night), she often thinks to herself that there are only two other people in network news who are doing that very same thing… that very same 5-4-3-2-1 count, at that very moment, each night. I told her the same thought often occurs to me in my role, when the red light comes on atop the lens when we come on the air. We both agreed that we have great jobs and share a wonderful occupation.”