It’s A Small World After All

By Chris Ariens 

We thought Google Earth made it a small world, but beginning tomorrow, and for the following three Mondays, ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson examines what a small world it really is. (With deference, we’re sure, to the ride by the same name at their corporate cousin.)

“Small World,” the series, features ABC News reporters stationed around the globe. exploring how common human experiences such as weddings, birthdays and vacations are celebrated in different cultures around the globe

The special reports air in conjunction with a single commercial sponsor each Monday, allowing for five minutes of extra editorial content.


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• Monday, July 7 — Weddings from around the world — from China to Indonesia and Russia, and from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia and Kenya. “World News” explores how marriages are celebrated, what makes this momentous rite of passage distinct in each culture as well as what all weddings have in common.

• Monday, July 14 — The series will look at what families eat for dinner in various cultures.

• Monday, July 21 — The series will look at how families mark the birthday of a child.

• Monday, July 28 — The series will feature the kinds of vacations people enjoy.