It’s 35 Years for 48 Hours

By Mark Mwachiro 

CBS News’ true crime series 48 Hours celebrated its 35th anniversary with a soiree on Tuesday night.

The party, which featured toasts from CBS News president and co-head of CBS News and Stations Neeraj Khemlani and 48 Hours executive producer Judy Tygard was also attended by other CBS Newsers, including Tygard’s (and Khemlani’s) predecessor Susan Zirinsky, correspondents Erin Moriarty and Peter Van Sant, along with CBS News Streaming anchor Anne-Marie Green, CBS Evening Weekend News anchor Jericka Duncan, CBS Saturday Morning co-host Michelle Miller, among others.

Khemlani congratulated the team, saying,“48 Hours is one of the most important brands at CBS News.” He toasted the show on covering more than 560 cases, which included covering cases involving questionable and wrongful convictions that ultimately led to the release of eight people from prison.


He added, “ You have an impact on people’s lives. That impacts your lives, too. That makes the whole thing worth it.”

“Thirty-five years is truly amazing,” Tygard said. “48 Hours would not be here today, would not be toasting this epic milestone without all of you in this room. You have all played a part in our success. Our team is grateful to each and every one of you.”

Tygard thanked Khemlani for supporting the show and helping expand its reach, saying he led “the largest expansion of the 48 Hours brand in the history of our show.”

She explained how far the reach of a single episode of 48 Hours goes, adding that “it’s breathtaking.”

Following its premiere on CBS TV, an episode of 48 Hours then goes to Paramount+,, CBS News Streaming, Fave TV, Pop TV, Pluto US, Pluto UK, and Pluto Nordics.

The show is licensed in dozens of countries and featured on Discovery and YouTube and also includes five ’48 Hours podcasts with more in development.

Tygard said one of the 48 Hours social posts stopped over 67 million views on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

Susan Zirinsky also got a shoutout from Tygard, whom she called the “Godmother of true crime.”

Earlier in the year TVNewser spoke to Tygard, along with her longtime colleagues Erin Moriarty and Peter Van Sant via Zoom, where they discussed the 35th anniversary of 48 Hours.

Tygard proclaimed, “We are the OG true crime pioneers.”

CBS’ Saturday primetime newsmagazine debuted on January 19, 1988. Tygard and the correspondents mentioned above have been with the broadcast since its formative years, including when 48 Hours was defined by covering a subject for 48 consecutive hours. The show has since moved away from the hard two-day rule and eventually transformed into a true crime news magazine that allows for more in-depth storytelling but at a similar pace that defined the original iteration.